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What the hell is a Quiz-A-Ma-Jig?
Quiz-A-Ma-Jig (QAMJ) is an action-packed, no-holds-barred festival of useless knowledge. Teams ranging in size from one to six players do battle against each other on the field of trivia, hopefully getting a little blotto-ed in the process.

OK, QAMJ is a trivia contest wherein teams compete for prizes based on their knowledge in such diverse categories as: popular culture, history, science, sports, art, literature, etc.

What do I win?
QAMJ consists of a series of points-earning rounds in different formats and categories, followed by a final question to determine the overall winner. Prizes are awarded after most rounds, and a grand prize goes to the evening's champion. Prizes for each round can be anything from T-shirts and hats to bottles of wine or even canned meat products. The final champions receive a generous gift certificate (most often 20 bucks!), plus other gifts such as limited-edition QAMJ "Champion" T-shirts, and the satisfaction of knowing more than anyone else.

Is there anything I need to do or bring to the game?
Just yourself, maybe some friends, and a willingness to have a great time with some great people.

So, I'm in... when and where do I sign up?
On the home page of this site is information on the next scheduled QAMJ. Come on down.


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